Qvidja Systems

Qvidja Systems

Qvidja Systems is a digital ERP and IT system both for energy production and demands of farm.

Qvidja Systems decentralised

Qvidja Systems is an ERP system for farms. It calculates real production costs, environmental benefits and efficiency.

Qvidja Systems assists for example in optimising operating efficiency and the use of labor force and equipment of the farm, and in defining the date of harvest based on data from earlier years.

In their smartphones employees have time tracking software, which is used to report work tasks and equipment used for work.

Scales weight wood chips, grass harvest and rest of the material in use. Storage is documented into the system and balance of storage can be observed in real time. Biogas produced on farm is measured and documented into the system as well.

Production and logistics processes of the farm, the use of human and equipment resources and the production and sale of biogas can be optimised with the system data. In addition the whereabouts of equipment and the balance of storage are known in real time and the carbon footprint of production can be calculated.

Qvidja Systems centralised

The control and maintenance of biomethane reactors is centralised with Qvidja Systems network.